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Welcome to the Actors' Connective Toronto
(So much more than your average online entertainment network)

ACT is designed to provide the Toronto acting community a place to connect, inspire, and learn crucial business & career-building skills that will take your craft to the next level. 

It’s no secret: we work in a competitive industry - but there’s always strength in numbers. Here at ACT, we firmly believe that through community and collaboration, we empower one another to be stronger, work smarter, and find the opportunities that will push our creativity to new heights.

Relax - you’ve arrived. So why not take a look around? 

This project is collaborative and open. We are always looking for volunteer writers and contributers to help us strengthen our artistic community. Interested? Write to us. 


Photo Day 2014 for ACT Members!

Dec 20th is 50% OFF for Actor's Connective members!!!

Looking for a great gift idea for the Actor in your life? On Saturday December 20th we are opening up 1hr slots for headshots with a huge 50% off the package of your choice. Looking for hair and makeup? Our MUA is in on the fun and offering 50% off her services as well. 

Email with your ACT membership e-mail and your availability before it fills up. Recent clients include CBC's Air Farce, Toronto's Second City, and The Canadian Opera Company.


Callback Headshots will hold a raffle for 50% off headshots on Christmas Eve (December 24th). Send in your ACT member name and we will hold a raffle and announce the winning Christmas Morning. That's 50% off either our Standard, Budget Package, or Deluxe Packages. Hair and Makeup available at 50% off as well!!

Crafting the Comedy:
Michael D. Cohen on the thin line between funny & unfunny - and how to play them both.

Can we learn to be funny? According to ACTRA award nominated actor and teacher Michael D. Cohen, the answer is yes! As Michael brings his sitcom workshop to Toronto this weekend, he opens up to ACT about how to make your audience laugh - and how training in comedy can also improve your dramatic chops.  READ MORE

ACT Video Interview: Farrah Aviva

Actor and headshot photographer Farrah Aviva chats with ACT about connecting to the camera, branding yourself, and how to use your acting skills in a photo shoot! Learn more about Farrah here.


The Power of the Moment
Train Your Right-Brain with LA's Anthony Meindl

With schools in LA, New York, London, Sydney, and Vancouver, Anthony Meindl's innovative approach to actor training is (literally!) taking the world by storm.  Finally, he's bringing his innovative approach to actor training to Toronto, beginning with a two day intensive. In his first Toronto interview, Anthony shares with A.C.T what his teaching philosophy is really about, the reason he doesn't - gasp! - allow his actors to memorize lines, and why we all need to wake up to the present moment.  READ MORE

How does one go from being a Toronto stage darling to a TIFF 2013 Rising Star - almost overnight? Cara shares her incredible journey (and some secrets) with ACT.  READ MORE

Drop Down Redirect

“Wow, it’s dead right now, huh?”

…a couple commercial auditions here and there, a self tape, and other than that….tumble weeds.  Shows are wrapped or wrapping up and uncertainty and the predictable sense of doom and gloom fills the air.  Traditionally, for me, this is when Depressed Season would kick in....Read More...

Besides being your humble photographer and videographer through this website (and Callback Headshots) and also Awkward Silence Productions, I am also an actor and filmmaker. This series of blogs will describe how I made the transition from actor to filmmaker and along the way I'll share tips and helpful links...Read More...




If you’re like most actors out there fighting for a career, someone has told you to get a website, get on Facebook, get on YouTube, and start Tweeting.  If you’re like most actors you pretty much stop before you start because you can’t navigate the negative spiral that come up: What is the point of my blog? ...Read More...

How Do I Book The Role?

Actors have asked the question for centuries. Before he became the ‘it’ actor for all of Shakespeare’s plays, even Richard Burbage had to audition. And as he paced the floor, sides in hand, you can bet he was asking himself: what will get me the job?  ....Read More...

What did you learn about acting or the “biz” when you were a teenager on Degrassi?

That show was the first time that I realized the power of bringing yourself to a character. I slowly realized how interested the writers and producers...Read More...

Doing your research is the most important thing you can do as an actor and now, thanks to the magical wonderland that is the world wide web, that has never been easier (that made me sound very old). Your first stop should be the ACTRA website. ACTRA is the actors union...Read More...

In your opinion, what makes a GREAT headshot? What do you think casting looks for?

A headshot has to be two things: it's got to be engaging and it's got to represent the actor's personality....Read More...

If you’re familiar with marketing (and even if you’re not), you’ve probably heard of a Unique Selling Proposition. It’s a pretty simple idea that goes like this: “buy this product, get this specific benefit”.

The same can be said for actors...